• Impact Africa Fund

    An early stage venture capital firm in Nairobi


    We are on a mission to launch the entrepreneurs who will power Africa's growth into the future

  • Thesis



    The "valley of death" ($200K - $500K) is where majority of African startups go to die - a huge missed opportunity. We invest in teams that have achieved initial Product Market Fit as demonstrated by a growing base of paying customers and/or users


    Ticket Size ($200K - $500K)

    We believe this range represents seed stage growth capital in our market and expect to be the first injection of professional capital for local startups


    Smart Capital

    We firmly believe capital should always follow a clearly defined growth strategy. Prior to injecting capital we work with entrepreneurs to craft and test a well defined theory of growth


    Execution Support

    From an execution standpoint we partner with a network of local domain experts across Design, Engineering, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing to provide critical capabilities to startups in an efficient and cost effective service model


  • Hello! Thanks for stopping by, I am Mark.

    I spent my career working with startups in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.


    My first 'real' job was a summer internship during the dot com era at what was then the first Uber, never heard of ridesourcedotcom? Turns out they were an innovation cycle too early, timing is everything!


    My last Bay Area role was with a San Francisco startup defining a solution in new market, market making is hard!


    I invested my career at the critical go-to-market end of the product life cycle where a customer decides whether your solution is worth paying for or not, sell or die!


    Years of selling different technologies to multiple markets provided me with a solid framework for assessing an innovations commercial viability, product market fit rules!


    Working across multiple startups offered a deep appreciation for how critical internal company dynamics are to a company's success, culture is king!


    Being immersed in that most dynamic of ecosystems provided me with a keen insight into how vital support infrastructures are to building great companies, it takes a village!


    Taken together these experiences have uniquely prepared me to do this exhilarating work of partnering with African entrepreneurs to build great African tech companies.


    What gets me out of bed in the morning is the idea that everyday I have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to changing the African narrative!


  • Impact Africa Network is our ecosystem catalytic accelerator focussed on ensuring local startups in Nairobi avoid unnecessary mistakes and don't reinvent the wheel

  • Purpose Vision Mission

    The purpose underpinning every thing we do is the privilege and responsibility of playing a part in changing the African narrative!  


    The vision is in 15 years be able to pick out of the Silicon Savanna skyline neon signage representing multiple great companies we played a part in establishing


    The mission is to help entrepreneurs build great African companies in an ecosystem of high performance, high integrity, and high collaboration!